New Blackberry advertising via Linkstorm

Linkstorm, a rich media advertising technology company based in New York, launched new creative units for Blackberry today. The company has done some very creative work under the leadership of Ari Brandt who used to run digital media at Conde Nast Business Media.  This execution for Blackberry enables the user to read reviews about their new model, view specs and even buy one.   Many years ago, the ability to conduct ecommerce within an ad was considered very novel, but it’s become more prevalent.  Back in the day I secured an exclusive agreement (for a specific industry) with one of the early online advertising vendors who claimed to have a patent on “buy within the banner” technology.  So much for that patent.  These days, no vendor would ever consider a lock-up, because there is more market demand for the approach. We’re seeing this kind of implementation more often with Point Roll, Linkstorm and others.  Certainly rich media ads increase brand engagement and Linkstorm only charges a small premium on top of the regular CPM.   I do have to wonder though, to what extent buyers actually transact inside the ad.  Anyone have experience with that?

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2 thoughts on “New Blackberry advertising via Linkstorm

    • Everyone, check out pankit’s post on a very subversive and most likely effective marketing tactic from blackberry, at least among urban influencers.

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