Great content lives. Right on, man.

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On iTunes and YouTube. Classic content lives on.

Most people who grew up in the U.S. during the 1970’s will remember Schoolhouse Rock.  These were short educational music videos that aired during the Saturday morning cartoons on ABC —  and they taught an entire education important factoids about grammar, science, economics and even math.  Recently my daughter was having a tough time remembering her multiplication tables as she prepared for a math test.  We tried all sorts of web sites aimed at making math fun; these included interactive games and even math competitions where students around the world participate in friendly time-based math contests.  But you know what worked in the end?   Schoolhouse Rock. The content, which is amusingly dated in some respects (with phrases like “Right On”), is still timeless in many ways.  And the approach of using catchy – and even unforgettable – tunes combined with educational lyrics is the stuff of marketing legend.   It’s a good example of the fact that great content has staying power even when the  platforms for content delivery are completely different:  these videos are now available on YouTube, iTunes and including that old favorite “Conjunction Junction…what’s your function.”   Now that’s a case of old media meets new media, at least in terms of content distribution.

For those interested, here’s the history of Schoolhouse Rock.

Here’s a link to the YouTube video for Conjunction Function.

Does this bring back any memories?

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2 thoughts on “Great content lives. Right on, man.

  1. Hi Brad,

    I grew up listening to School House Rock too, and still love it to this day! I thought I would comment because being of the School House Rock generation, I bring that love of music and education to my new company: We’ve been called a “smarter, cooler Schoolhouse Rock,” which we take as a huge compliment because we’re such big fans of the original.

    We’d love for you to stop by our site and take a listen. You may even find something useful for your daughter in our math section! 🙂

    Taunia /

    • Good luck with your new venture. One of the readers of this blog is CEO of an education content company, so you’re posting it in the write place. Pun intended.

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