Sell More By Not Selling at All

Sometimes the most effective kinds of communication are the simplest.  And when it comes to reminding a prospect to take action, sometimes “no sell” is the best sell.  All it takes is a gentle reminder.   Here is an example from my other blog, Good Ad or Not.

The most effective reminders are ones that demonstrate an understanding of a customer or things that show you care.  If you’re in sales, find out what your prospects are up to and what they are working on.  And if they are working toward a hard deadline and you can help in any way, use those dates to check in and see if you can be a resource.  If a prospect has a presentation to give, learn more about the topic on your own time and send them some helpful content.  If they are stuck on a problem, offer to introduce them to an expert if you know one.  These helpful things brand you as a helpful person.  And they are subtle and gentle reminders of your company that will keep you top of mind.  So when it comes time for them to buy, you’ll be in the consideration set.  Because half of what you’re selling in sales is you.

The other day I interviewed a candidate for an open position.  She emailed me a thank you note and got an auto generated out of office message (which was still on from a recent trip), although I was in the office and she knew it.  She then emailed me a follow-up note saying “I noticed you still have your out of office message on.  If you don’t know how to turn it off here’s a link to instructions in Outlook in case should you need it.”  A gentle reminder was all it took.  I will be having her back for a second interview.

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