A Quick Experiment in Social Curation

  1. I’m experimenting with a new tool called Storify, which enables people to pull in content from a variety of sources across the web (including RSS feeds, social media etc) and immediately publish it.  Below is a “story” I created in about 5 minutes and, I must admit, it shows. But it does illustrate how social media buzz and other content can easily be curated.  There are plenty of other tools. My point though is not so much about the tool that’s used, rather that in addition to creating own original content, there is value in curating the content of others.  And editors can add value by providing context, perspective and analysis to the chatter going on out there.  Because there is no end to that chatter. Here’s my crude first attempt….
  2. Earth Day:  Mobilizing Your Brand
  3. This year there were over 1 billion pledges to “improve our planet” on EarthDay.org.  Going Green clearly part of the platform for many brands and Earth Day can be a focal point of those activities.   Here’s how some companies got involved this year and what some people are saying…
  4. Intel
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    RT @intel: Today is a day to celebrate our earth. Happy #EarthDay! #Intel http://pic.twitter.com/DKLLKJqR

    Thu, May 03 2012 07:59:55
  6. Virgin America
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    Thu, May 03 2012 07:45:54
  8. Verizon Wireless
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    http://bit.ly/K4cK0y Verizon Wireless NY Announces Top-5 Earth Day Apps – http://ParamusPost.com

    Thu, May 03 2012 10:04:39
  10. Whole Foods
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    RT @WholeFoodsCHI: Have you heard? @epicurious shares that we dropped unsustainable wild-caught seafood on Earth Day! http://epi.us/ICzeVV #oceandevotion

    Thu, May 03 2012 10:11:28
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    Sun, Apr 29 2012 22:26:09
  13. Around the Web
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    Modern farming is grounds for Earth Day celebration

    Thu, May 03 2012 10:09:03
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