Happy Anniversary, Boundless Markets

I’m finally getting around to posting about Boundless Markets, the firm I started one year ago.

The need we’re filling is the lack of bandwidth among mid-market CEOs and CMOS who want to accelerate their businesses but have insufficient resources— particularly seasoned, digitally savvy and data-driven people who “get it.”

So, what have we done in the past year?

We’ve landed and helped clients backed by Google, The New York Times and private equity firms.

For our clients we’ve developed and executed marketing and product innovation plans, overhauled and grown databases, launched marketing automation programs, created new sales channels, conducted multiple quantitative market research studies and formed lucrative partnerships (and much more).

We built a fantastic team of seasoned operators with deep experience in industries such as business information, software, marketing services and analytics.

Recently we launched a newsletter called Boundless Briefings, which includes our perspectives on data-driven marketing, sales and innovation. Feel free to take a look at our website and sign-up.

We’re always open to entrepreneurial opportunities, partnerships and interesting potential clients, so please keep us in mind.

This Fall our articles on data-driven marketing and innovation will appear in the following publications: Chief Executive, Chief Marketer and, my personal favorite, the Boundless Markets blog. We’ll also have our share of speaking engagements (on innovation and analytics).

In short, it’s been a productive and fun year.

But enough about us. What’s new with you? Drop me a line: http://boundlessmarkets.com/contact-us/

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